Damascus Thor's Hammer Forged By Random Hand.

I made a super unique project this time, a Mosaic Damascus Thor hammer (Mjolnir) out of rusty gears and 4340 steel.
I never seen someone forge a Gigantic Damascus billet before (~15kg raw weight).
Making such a big billet was pretty tough and challenging. But the Thor's hammer came out very impressive which can't be describe into the words.


5 Kg


4340 Steel




100% Real Leather

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Sunshine Bowie Knife

By Random Hands





It took me almost 6 months to be completed. It's not predictable that how much hardworking and efforts we have putted in, while making this project I got a lot of injuries a lot of stress, complication, disturbances a lot of challenges but happily I have made this beautiful shield. If I say this was the most challenging project for me of all the time it would not be a lie.

Building a CHAIN-LESS Bicycle out of Rusted Gears

This is a new mechanism for your bicycles, I am sure you will love it. No headache of chain drop during a ride. The Bicycle is much softer and smooth in ride on this gear mechanism but working gears produces some noice which is definitely bearable and sometimes cool to hear.

Forging DIVINE AXE RHITTA out of Rusted Iron HOOK
(The Seven Deadly Sins)

This took me about six days to hand forge such a Big Iron Hook into a Divine Axe shape piece. I don't have a power hammer so i did all the forging with hands and I get serious Blisters on my hands after doing such a heavy forging.

Forging a RUSTED BEARING into a 24K GOLD Combat KNIFE

I have used some of my old skills to make this beautiful Combat knife from Ball bearing. I have chosen the 24K Gold plating because this knife

Forging a KATANA out of Rusted Iron CHAIN

This Katana took me too long to make and this was not easy to make it such perfect. Alot of People asked me to make Katana so i tried my best to make a perfect Katana Sword as i can.

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